What is a Hero?

Dictionary.com says a hero is a person known for the nobility of their character. At Plotus.io, we believe that we all need heroes to help those who are not able to help themselves. We also believe that there is a Hero in all of us. 

Plotus.io allows you to use your knowledge, intuition, and prediction prowess to take positions in the market (long positions or short positions) with your Ether. The rewards will be instantly distributed once the transactions are settled and a part of it will be added to our hero fund. 

What is the Hero Fund?

A certain amount of funds, part of the reward pool are earmarked for donations to prominent organizations working to help people affected by tragedies like the Coronavirus. This Hero fund is governed via smart contracts and held at an escrow account publically. All fund movements are transferable

We are looking to partner with prominent organizations like the Red Cross, MSF, WHO and UNICEF and others who are actively engaged on the ground to help communities. 

What markets can I take positions in?

We currently allow our Heros to take a position in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI), or stock market index which measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

Each position is taken for an opportunity. Each opportunity is framed as a question, will the DJI cross a certain value (target price) at a certain time (target period).

For Example: 

  • Will the DJI be above 25,000 pts at 15:00 EST? Opportunity
  • Yes? or No? Positions
  • 25,000 Target Price

How will your position be successful?

Continuing with the example as above, with a Yes position you will be successful if the  DJIA is trading at 25000 or above 25000 at 15:00 EST.

How are my successful positions rewards?

Token price is a function of,

  1. the amount collected in the opposite pool   (P1)
  2. commision of the platform    P2 ( some %age of P1 )
  3. Amount going to charity       P3( some %age of P1 )

Mathematically it can be expressed as,

Reward = P1 – ( P2+ P3)

How is the token price calculated?

Token price will depend on the following factor.

  1. Time value (Time passed/total time)
  2. Stake value (Present stake/total stake)
  3. Last traded price

Based on the relation, Token price would be inversely proportional to the time in one trading session.  For e.g. for a session let’s say 10 am to 11 am, If somebody bets at 10:01 am, he has to pay a lesser price than somebody is betting at 10:57 am.

Mathematically, the token price can be expressed as,

Token price = e^(time passed / total time * c) X d ^ (current stake / total stake * f)Where, C is base price of the token

D is a contact

F is a multiplier

How many opportunities will be in a day?

There will be 6 betting sessions where one can have this opportunity to bet 6 times in a day.

How many opportunities will be in a day?

Target price will depend on the percentage change in the last session. For example: DJIA is trading at 25000 at 10:00 AM and at 11:00 AM, it is trading at 25250. So the percentage change is +1%. So the next target price would be 25502 assuming it will gain another 1% in the next session.

What happens if all the bets are against NO and eventually “NO” wins the bet?

In that case, nobody goes with the reward and amount collected in the pool “YES” would be distributed on the percentage basis to the charity and the platform.

What happens if all the bets are in the favour of YES and YES wins the bet?

In that case, nobody is making a profit. One will go with the same amount he has betted. Since the bet was not risky at all so one will endup with no reward.

Higher will be the risk higher will be the return.

When will the opportunity get settled?

Opportunity will get settled at the end of a session.

Competitor Analysis:

1. Giving – Demand Supply, passive income to share
2. Crypto Predictions – Hero Fund, share more

Value Proposition: 

  1. Dow Jones internationally 

Empathy – Emotion – Enaction
Chance to be a hero – Take Position and Invest – Share with everyonr