Curated Prediction Markets for Crypto Traders

Win unlimited rewards with high-yield prediction markets

*on Kovan testnet

Participate In High Yield Prediction Markets

Non-custodial, prediction markets with a quick turnaround, on-chain settlement and on-chain odds calculation. Welcome to DeFi, like you’ve never seen before.

Focused crypto pair markets

Built with ❤ for crypto traders. Plotus focusses only on prediction on crypto-pairs

Quick turnaround, no-limit rewards

1 hr, 1 day & 1 week markets so you don't have to lock your money long

On-chain settlement

Built on Ethereum. Instant reward settlement on-chain, without any intermediary.

Automated Odds Calculation

A unique alogrithm calculates the prediction odds on-chain for each market


No KYC required

Plotus is a decentralized prediction market. There is no need for any verification, KYC or AML.


Non Custodial

You maintain control of your own keys and assets with Metamask based access

What will be the value of BTC/USDT in the next 1 hour?

120 user think <$9400
$15k staked in ETH by user
200 user think between $9400 – $9600
$25k staked in ETH by user
350 user think >$9600
$30k staked in ETH by user

Dare to predict & win?


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